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January 28, 2023 @ 3:30 pm 4:15 pm

Speaker: Robert Coons

Beeton Speakers Room (D)

Amy Lou Taylor

Speech topic: “Tea Medicine” The History And Practice Of Medicinal Tea In China

Everyone has heard that tea began as a medicinal herb, but for most of us the story stops there.

Did you know that tea was written about extensively in Chinese medical texts for more than 2000 years?

Find out why the ancient physicians both loved and were cautious about our favorite drink in this short talk presented by registered acupuncturist and tea history buff Robert Coons.

Robert Coons is a registered acupuncturist, qigong expert, and authority on Daoist Meditation. He owns Chayo Tea Friends and previously won first and second place prizes in the North American Tea Championships in the Baked and Aged Oolong category.
He operates a clinic in Toronto where he also teaches about tea, wellbeing and Meditation.