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January 28 @ 10:30 am 11:15 am

Beeton Speakers Room (D)

Speaker: Marco Namowicz

Speech Topic: Steeped in community

Marco Namowicz

Tea Educator, Community Organizer, Training and Development Leader

Marco Namowicz is a seasoned Tea Educator and Community Organizer, primarily focusing on training and development in the tea industry. With a rich background dating back to 2013, Marco has been a driving force in building training and education curriculum for Argo Tea. His expertise extends to opening licensed partner cafes internationally and operating cafes in diverse markets. Marco has also collaborated closely with notable entities such as Grass People Tree and Aera Tea.

A recognized speaker, Marco has graced the stages of the 2019 and 2020 Chicago International Tea Festivals, captivating audiences with his insights and passion for tea. Beyond the festival circuit, he is a proud Guizhou Brewing International Exchange Group member, Co-founder of Activist Tea House, and Co-founder of the Chicago Tea Collective.

Passionate about the transformative power of tea, Marco believes in its ability to connect and mobilize people. His advocacy revolves around sharing stories and empowering others to celebrate tea, emphasizing accessibility to tea and maintaining a “beginner’s mind.” Marco is also an active member and previous participant in the Being Tea Teacher Training Program, further solidifying his commitment to the ongoing education and promotion of tea culture.

Attendees at the Toronto Tea Festival can anticipate a thought-provoking session, exploring the diverse world of tea and its profound impact on communities and individuals. His unique blend of experience, passion, and commitment to accessibility ensures an engaging and enlightening experience for all.