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January 28 @ 1:30 pm 2:15 pm

Demo Stage (A)

Presenter: Flora Grimaldi

Presentation : Japanese Warrior Tea Ceremony

Flora Grimaldi from France and Geoffrey Evans from Toronto, both students of the Ueda Sōko way of « chanoyu » will explain a little about Japanese warrior tea ceremony through a demonstration of the most casual form : the “bondemae” or tea ceremony with basic utensils contained on a tray. Afterwards, you can ask any questions that tickle your fancy.

Flora Grimaldi is a French comic book author and a tea lover. She started a webcomic about matcha on her Instagram page in 2019. One year later she started to learn Japanese Tea ceremony in the Ueda Sōko style with the Sōmu branch. There she met Geoffrey Evans, who was also studying in the same school while in Toronto. They’re both interested in tea, in ceramics and in art in general. They believe that tea can help people find inner peace and connect with people worldwide.