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January 28 @ 3:30 pm 4:15 pm

Beeton Speakers Room (D)

Speaker: Julien Drouin-Bouffard

Speech Topic: Discover the art of the first Canadian teas

Come meet the craftman behind this little revolution who will present his local green, Wulong and black teas made from Canadian wild plants. He will share with you his passion, techniques, traveling stories and much more.

Julien Drouin Bouffard

Julien Drouin-Bouffard is the owner of Tea of the North company and producer of the first Canadian teas. He has managed the production of those teas for 6 years now, learning from scratch and building knowledge through reading books, watching videos and trial and error. The fireweed wild leaves are foraged by hand in Quebec’s wild meadows. At the factory, they are processed using the same techniques used in Asia with the same tea specialized machines imported from China to create those unique local caffeine-free teas.

Julien has traveled in Taiwan in spring 2023 to learn from tea masters. He was literally infused into this inspiring tea culture and met an incredibly welcoming people. He brought this flame back with him in his luggage to spread it through his tea production and experimentation.

Curious by nature, he is a self-taught enthusiast of our ecological and social transition.