Tea Ceremony

Toronto Tea Festival will present different tea ceremonies from China, Korea, and Japan for the enjoyment of the attendees.


Chinese Tea Ceremony – by Sabrina Chen

Sabrina Chen

Graduating from South China Agricultural University with a major in tea science and ceremony, Sabrina has engaged with the tea industry for more than 7 years. In 2008, she received the gold prize in tea ceremony competition. Since then, she has given tea trainings and performances in China, Macau and Canada, in order to share Chinese tea culture and bring this culture to new generations.
During 2011-2012, Sabrina worked at the Galaxy Macau as the tea sommelier and trained the “tea team”, setting up services for the resort.

Further she participated in scientific tea research and wrote “The microwave dry effects on oolong tea, 2011”.

Sabrina came to Canada in 2012 and finished her International Business Management Graduate Certificate at Seneca College and MBA in Schulich school of business. Now she is managing her company Tearoma(tearoma.com) which offers tea tasting class, tea ceremony class and premium Chinese tea in Toronto.

Korean Tea Ceremony – by Sun Hee

Korean Tea Ceremony

Sunhee Jung

She taught Women’s Tea Ceremony and Children’s Tea Ceremony at Pyung-Hwa Temple, (located in Richmond Hill, ON). When she was teaching the Korea Tea Ceremony at the temple, she was also teaching tea roasting and fermenting. In her life in South Korea, she has taught a lot of Korea Tea ceremony courses for adults and children. Since 1997, she had learned about all kind of tea ceremony and making tea from Chel-hung Lee, the Korean tea master who was the founder and President of Korean Tea Association. Usually Korean green tea and black tea is made by roasting, steaming, and fermenting.

She also finished the Korean Tea Ceremony course at Yaewon Korean Culture Education School and received the Certificate for Korean Tea Ceremony.

Currently, Sun-hee Jung is teaching Korean Language and culture as an International Language School teacher at York Region District School Board.


Japanese Tea Ceremony – by Austin

Momo Yoshida

Austin Wong

Austin Wong is a certified tea ceremony teacher of the Udea Ryu style of Japanese tea ceremony. Austin is a graduate of University of Toronto with a specialist degree in Botany. He also holds a bachelor degree in Education from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE). After graduating from university, he lived and worked in Japan for nine years. During his extended stay in Japan, he was intimately involved in the activities of a Shinto shrine in Kagawa prefecture. He also practiced tea ceremony for more than three years while he was in Japan. Currently, he is the only person certified to teach Ueda Ryu style of Japanese tea ceremony in Canada. He currently resides in Toronto and is a full-time student in George Brown College.