Tea Ceremony

Toronto Tea Festival will present different tea ceremonies from China, Korea, and Japan for the enjoyment of the attendees.


Chinese Tea Ceremony – by Sabrina Chen

Sabrina Chen

Graduating from South China Agricultural University with a major in tea science and ceremony, Sabrina has engaged with the tea industry for more than 7 years.  In 2008, she received the gold prize in tea ceremony competition.  Since then, she has given tea trainings and performances in China, Macau and Canada, in order to share Chinese tea culture and bring this culture to new generations.

During 2011-2012, Sabrina worked at the Galaxy Macau as the tea sommelier and trained the “tea team”, setting up services for the resort.

Further she participated in scientific tea research and wrote “The microwave dry effects on oolong tea, 2011”.

Sabrina came to Canada in 2012 and finished her International Business Management Graduate Certificate at Seneca College.  Now she is working in the tea industry offering tea sessions and workshops in the GTA.

Korean Tea Ceremony – by Sun Choi

Korean Tea Ceremony

Sun Choi

Participating in tea culture for over 40 years, Ms. Sun Choi’s passion for tea and the art of tea ceremonies has led to many world journeys including North America, Europe and Asia.  Her frequent travels have led her to internationally famous tea estates in Korea, China and Japan.  She is deeply passionate about the meditative nature of tea ceremonies.

Ms. Choi’s main focus lies in the art of Korean Tea Ceremonies. She has studied with Insoon Cho, renowned professor of Bunan Women’s University and Benjamin Lee, at the University of Injae where she received her tea teaching certification. She is currently studying in the tea program at George Brown College.

Ms. Choi will introduce a formal Korean tea ceremony called “Jub Bin Da Rae”.


Japanese Tea Ceremony – by Momo Yoshida

Momo Yoshida

Momo Yoshida

Momo Yoshida is a serious tea lover and owner of Momo Tea (www.momotea.co).
She is a certified TAC TEA SOMMELIER TM/SM professional since 2010.

Grow up in Japan with traditional culture around her.

Practicing Japanese tea ceremony with passion.